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Community Engagement and Partnership Support

GBT collaborates with nonprofit groups focused on sickle cell and addressing health disparities to support innovative programs, education, and awareness activities.

Community Engagement & Partnership provides support to eligible organizations in the following ways:

  • Corporate Sponsorships and Exhibits
    • Support for sickle cell disease education and awareness and activities addressing health disparities hosted by patient advocacy or community-based organizations that may include various levels of support opportunities (e.g. bronze, silver, gold, etc.). Examples of sponsorships include corporate memberships, gala events, annual walks/runs/rides, educational conferences, and symposia or meetings.
  • CE&P Grants
    • Support for initiatives aimed at sickle cell education and awareness that are longer term in nature and are not event-based. Examples of grants include educational materials, educational programs, and curriculum development.

Funding requests must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the desired start date of the program/activity/initiative for which you seek support.

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Os guias anexos fornecem passo a passo as informações para criar uma conta (PDF) e para enviar uma solicitação de patrocínio (PDF).

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